June 02, 2008

Behind the Song

"This song is sort of complicated for me to describe. It makes perfect sense to me, but when Iím trying to explain itís origin to people, I often feel that unless they had a birdís eye view inside of my mind and heart, they may not grasp that itís message is kind of two-fold. So, here goes my explanation.

To me, life isnít just a color, its many shades of that color, layer upon layer. (I prefer to think in terms of blue.) Take the sky for example. The farther you look into it or travel into it, the deeper the color is. I think each personís life sort of builds in this way. I have been very blessed in my own life to know three out of four of my grandparents, who thankfully at this point are still living. Over the years their stories and viewpoints have been of particular interest to me. As they would narrate events and remembrances from different points in their lives, I could momentarily feel as though I was transported through time to encounter life as it was then. Many of their stories are full of joy from their childhood and other landmarks in their life, and others are seasoned with pain, loss, and regret. Regardless, I feel that hearing their stories has helped me to see layer upon layer the progression of person that they were then to the person they are today. Itís kind of like looking at an object in three dimension as opposed to two. I think itís extremely important that we share our stories with others, with our children and our grandchildren. To preserve the gift of living that God has given us, even when living or embracing our present circumstances, trying as they may be, is sometimes not easy. Itís important that we live our lives and be grateful for each breath. If we donít share it with others, if we donít live and tell what weíve experienced, how can they see Godís glory manifest in us through the good and the bad?" - Kristin

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