June 01, 2008 --- The final tracklisting is now available on the music page! Take a peek and be sure to check out the lyrics and sound clips. If you haven't pre-ordered the new album yet, be sure to pick it up here!

Leading up to the release of Days Of Eden, we will be featuring a behind the songs segment every day, until June 10th - ten songs in ten days! Our first is below...

Behind the Song

"I remember getting the idea for this song one day while I was doing some laundry. I was pregnant with my daughter Stella, and I was thinking about how my life was suddenly about to change so drastically. How could I ever accommodate such changes when it seemed so out of control already, like Iíve been on a never ending roller coaster... up and down, winding and twisting. Itís exciting, scary, and often takes my breath away. So many times I wish that everything would just stop, just so I could catch up. I thought about how I usually handle things that come my way. I make mistakes. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I fail. I have tons of questions that never seem to be answered. But, no matter the unpredictability, I always learn something. So when itís all said and done, this is life, and Iím very glad to be living it." - Kristin

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