June 09, 2008

Behind the Song

"Have you ever been given a gift by someone that was absolutely perfect? You may have thought or said, "How did you know?" That's the feeling behind this song. I started writing this song when ZOEgirl was on the Free Experience Tour. I had been thinking about when Jesus was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane on the night of his betrayal. Growing up I had learned that in that moment He was bearing the weight of all sins, past and present - literally the weight of the world. The Bible tells us that God knows our names; the very hairs on our heads are numbered. He knows our every thought, whim, feeling, the deepest desires and longing of our hearts... the good and bad... things pure and sinful. That's kind of scary, but yet, who else could love humanity so much that He would lay down His life for people that didn't even believe or accept Him? How incredible to know that we are understood and accepted completely, that our shortcomings and flaws are made perfect in weakness, and that our sins are forgiven. So in the same manner as if someone had just given me the most beautiful and perfect gift that is perfectly made for me, I find myself saying, "Lord, how do you know?" He always knows. He sees what no one else sees, and He loves us despite ourselves." - Kristin

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