June 07, 2008

Behind the Song

"I have always loved hymns, probably because I grew up singing them. One of my favorites has always been Onward Christian Soldiers. Growing up, there was something about that song that always made me feel better. I think because I pictured a group of people all marching together, supporting one another, united in their stance for Christ. Like anyone, I was comforted to know that I'm not "in this alone." I guess you could say this is sort of my modern day version of that hymn. I had just been reading about putting on the armor of God in the book of Ephesians. I found it extremely relevant in the time we live in. Our country has been engaged in a war, but there is another war that rages in the hearts of all mankind. We all face battles in our lives. We are all tested and tried, pushed to our limits and beyond. Sometimes we feel as though we face that spiritual and emotional warfare on our own. The enemy of God leads a barrage that is relentless. But, I believe Jesus hears us even in our darkest hour when our battles seem hopeless, and our struggles in vain; when we're tired and can't march anymore. He fights with us and for us. We are Men of War, and our reward is not in this life, but in eternity." - Kristin

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