June 04, 2008

Behind the Song

"I like to consider myself a pretty positive person when it comes to my outlook on life. Well, I have my moments though, like anyone else when I have trouble seeing the bright side, or trusting that things will all work out. I wrote this song a couple of years ago after hearing someone mention the phrase, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade." I sat down at my keyboard with that in my mind, and I think I wrote this song in one sitting - which is rare for me. I mention in the bridge, "It's the better man who takes his stand, and when he's down he'll rise again... and make lemonade." Not to get too theological, and most certainly not to in any way dumb down or make light of what Jesus went through in dying on the cross for us, but I was thinking of Him as I wrote that. He is the ultimate example of a person faced with circumstances that were beyond difficult. Yet, He knew that was His path in life, and He willingly took it on. In fact, He took our place. That alone is reason to celebrate. Lemonade anyone?" - Kristin

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