June 03, 2008

Behind the Song

"I wonder a lot about what is as the root of this cultural epidemic that leads so many of us to a path of self loathing and self destruction. What causes me to focus so intently on the flaws I see in myself, so much so that it's all I see? What causes people to feel so alone and inadequate? There must be some type of validation that we are missing, something to let us know that we can in some way make our mark... that we do in fact matter. A few years ago I wrote a song called "Skin Deep," that for me gave a voice to all that I felt I had inside that was dying to get out and be heard. I wanted to express that we are more than just our bodies, our shells that enclose our "inmost being" (Psalm 139:13-14) which God took such great care in forming. The second verse says, "It's so hard to change when we are captive to ourselves, always thirsty for something else. But free or enslaved - we are sons, we are daughters, called out by the Father's name." That verse and the idea behind it has stuck with me. God knows my name. He knows your name. In this great and terrifying existence where our lives are but a vapor and so fleeting, He knows us. We are minuscule in relation to the universe, the world around us, to the millions of people we will never cross paths with, to the chaos that envelops and overwhelms us. Yet, we are known to the Creator, the Author of Life. To him, we have value beyond measure. We were worth saving, worth dying for. That makes us something special. That means we are known." - Kristin

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